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Jacob Butler's Joinery Workshop

Middleton by Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire.

Hand made furniture inspired by, or copied from, traditional original examples. High quality traditional design, construction and materials.
Enquiries phone 01629 822170 or email.
I also have special offers (display or prototype models) so please ask.
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I would be happy to discuss variations in colour, size, design and any other requirements.
NB no VAT charged - this is a new business.

Green Kitchen Table

green kitchen table with 2 drawers

The kitchen table is back! The heart of the home.

This table is derived from a Welsh 19c original in spite of its trim modern appearance. The top is sycamore; the preferred timber for traditional kitchen tables, as it is easy to clean and odour free. Finished with Danish Oil, which can be easily maintained, or left to wear off gradually. It has a deep overhang at each end. The base is all redwood, painted with a traditional linseed oil paint (lead free).
Size: 29½" high, 31½" x 71½"
It has two large drawers with hand cut dovetails and sycamore knobs.

Equally suitable as a kitchen or dining room table. You don't have to have a cumbersome and inconvenient island unit. Kitchen ideas are changing and about time too!
The top is edged with neat traditional "bread board" ends with contrasting dowels, and is fairly wild grained.

Price and availability

£1100 plus delivery. 2 to 3 weeks. One very reduced price special offer immediately available (prototype) please enquire.

table drawer table drawers green kitchen table with 2 drawers

Blue Kitchen Table

kitchen table

This is a heavier built kitchen table of a typical Victorian design. The materials are as for the green table above. It has turned legs and one large drawer.
A bit of history here; the leg shape is copied from a table found outside Nottingham Victoria Station when it was being demolished in 1967. The original table was 12' x 1'6", with six legs, having seen service in the left luggage department.

Size: Top 32½ x 70 inches, 1¼" thick. Height 30 inches. Drawer internal dimensions 20¼" wide, 24" long, 3½" deep.
The apron is narrow enough to clear the knees of someone seated.
The construction is entirely traditional and of the highest quality, with hand cut dovetails and no compromises.

Price and availability

SPECIAL OFFER: Lower price ONE ONLY: Protoype/display model available.
Normal price for this size and specification £1250. 2/3 weeks.
I would be happy to discuss particular requirements; sizes, other timbers, colours and design variations such as the arrangement of drawers. For instance, having one drawer in the side instead, is the next most preferred option.

kitchen table

Drop-leaf Table

drop leaf table with sycamore top

This design is closely derived from a Welsh original made in Montgomeryshire. The narrow drop leaves still allow enough room for one's knees when down, making it ideal for a small space, with the option of expanding the top if needed. It can be made to measure.
It is heavily built with a thick sycamore top and completely traditional construction.
30" high, 49" long, width 21, 25½, 32½" with 0, 1, or 2 leaves extended.

Price and availability.

£750. 2 - 3 weeks.
Many alternative variations are possible such as size and the inclusion of drawers. I would be happy to discuss these. A lower cost alternative is to have plain legs square section but tapered, like the green table above.

Red Welsh Settle

welsh settle

This is a new copy of an original Welsh "settle" or "Screen" chair made in Montgomeryshire about 1900.

Reclaimed matchboard back, other recycled timber and new redwood Traditional linseed oil paint (lead free). The construction is entirely traditional.
OA width 41", height 40", depth 18"

The settle probably originated in the mediaeval tradition of placing a form or bench against the lateral timber screen in the hall. Later the chair itself became the screen with the boards reaching down to the floor to stop draughts around the feet, as in this version. This would commonly be sited near the fire, or as a screen with the back towards the outside door. There are many variations such as; higher backs, made longer to be slept upon, with box seats for storage.

Price and availability

£900 + delivery. In stock.
Other options available soon; a box seat version ideal for boots and shoes in the hallway. I would be happy to discuss particular requirements such as other timbers, colours and design variations.

welsh settle

Bedside or End table, Shaker style

shaker style bedside table

A small table ideal for the bedside, derived from a Shaker design. This example entirely made from recycled wood; sapele, with cedar of lebanon drawer sides and bottom. The cedar is beautifully scented; particularly noticeable when the drawer is first opened. Other timbers may be used as available or as requested
The construction is traditional, high quality, with hand cut dovetails.
27½ inches high, top is 18" square

Price and availability

£250 + delivery. In stock.
Other options available soon with different woods according to availability.

shaker style bedside table

Rush bottom Chair

rush bottom chapel chair

I didn't make this; an English old oak chapel chair of a very common pattern but with an unusually trim design which sets it apart. It has a new rush bottom done in the traditional way exactly as it was originally. The rush is very attractive; naturally scented with variegated colours including shades of green.
It would make an ideal companion to the Shaker style table, having design similarities perhaps indicating their common non-conformist origin in spite of the wide distance between them in time and geography.

Price and availability

£150 + delivery.
Other options available soon - the same basic design and materials, copied with small variations.

rush bottom chair shaker style table with rush bottom chair
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